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Spring Cleaning in Lansing, MI 2015

Lansing Spring Cleaning 2015

Lansing area residents have been waiting for this time for months. That time of year when the snow starts to melt, the air gets a little warmer, the sun stays out just a bit longer, and the trees begin to

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Top Vacuum Cleaners for 2015

Top Vacuum Cleaners of 2015

Many people believe that a vacuum cleaner is just a vacuum cleaner. In reality, it is very important when shopping for a vacuum cleaner, that you consider many features before making a decision on which vacuum cleaner is best for

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Three Allergy Hot Spots in your Home

Allergy Hotspots in Your Home

Sniffling, sore throat, runny nose, and watery eyes. if these symptoms sound familiar to you, its because they are common allergy symptoms. Whether you’re a suffering with allergies, or your friends or family members suffer from allergy symptoms while they’re

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The New Year is Almost Here

New Year Almost Here

The new year is almost here. Time to wipe the slate clean and embark on a fresh 2015. Many will be making resolutions for the new year. If yours is to keep things more clean and organized, we can help.

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The Perfect Gift for the one that has Everything

House Cleaning Gift Certificate

Give your loved one the gift of rest and relaxation this season with a gift certificate for professional house cleaning from Villa Clean. This is truly the perfect gift for that person who has everything. Just think about it. No

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Holiday Cleaning

Holiday Cleaning

Around the Holidays you might already be overwhelmed with everything you have to do. There are parties to go to, cards to write, shopping to do, gifts to wrap, cooking, family gatherings, parades, and the list goes on. To top

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clean bedroom

Your bedroom is a sanctuary; it is where you go at the end of each day to close yourself off from the rest of the world, relax, and get a good nights sleep. We will ensure your bedroom is thoroughly

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Your house is your castle and it says a lot about you to family and friends when they visit. You have spent a lot of time, energy, and money decorating and furnishing your home to ensure it’s a reflection of

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From the time you wake up until right before bed, a lot goes on in the bathroom and they can get dirty quick. Bathrooms are also notorious for harboring germs on just about every surface imaginable. That is why we

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clean kitchen

Your kitchen is often the hub of entertainment for family and friends. It’s also where all of your food is stored and prepared. At Villa Clean, we realize how critical it is that your kitchen not only shines, but that

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