Spring Cleaning in Lansing, MI 2015

Lansing area residents have been waiting for this time for months. That time of year when the snow starts to melt, the air gets a little warmer, the sun stays out just a bit longer, and the trees begin to bud. There is no doubt that Spring is in the air in Lansing Michigan. There might be a few other things you begin to notice this spring; a little extra dust, a bit more clutter. Yes, it’s that other time of year too, time for Spring Cleaning. If you are like most Lansing area residents, you’re probably not looking forward to rolling up your sleeves and putting on your rubber gloves and wasting all those beautiful days scrubbing floors, dusting shelves, and cleaning soap scum from your shower door. Fortunately, Lansing’s premier house cleaning team, Villa Clean is here to rescue you.

Everyone already knows Villa Clean offers great weekly and bi-weekly house cleaning in Okemos, East Lansing, Holt, Mason, and beyond, but you should know that we also offer spring cleaning services as well. Even if you’ve been cleaning your house all winter or have been using another Lansing area house cleaning service to provide standard recurring house cleaning, you will be amazed at what a difference a good thorough cleaning can make. Call, email, or submit a request for a free house cleaning estimate today, and see how Villa Clean can help you kick off your spring the clean way.

Benefits of Spring Cleaning:

You may be thinking to yourself, my house is pretty clean, I have cleaned it regularly all winter long. That’s not a bad start, but a good thorough spring cleaning can clean down deep to get all that extra dust a dirt that accumulates all winter long. You see, unlike spring, summer, and fall, our Lansing area homes are sealed up tight during the winter. Most of us don’t open our windows or doors to let the breeze blow through our homes when it’s 15 degrees outside. This causes dirt and dust levels to rise and find its way into deeper spaces that it wouldn’t normally find. This extra dust, dirt, pollen, dander, dust mites, and more can start to kick up when you go in and out of your Lansing area home more often as the weather warms up or as you open doors and windows to let some fresh air in. When this happens, you may start to feel stuffy, runny nose, itchy eyes, tiredness. Many people realize that this began to happen when they began to open doors and windows more often, and believe the cause is from the outside air, so they shut the doors and windows. If you have experienced something similar to this, invite us to your Lansing Michigan home to do a spring house cleaning for you, and see what a difference it makes. Over the years, we have had many happy customers tell us how great the feel after a good spring cleaning, and how over joyed they are that they can open their doors to the fresh spring air without sneezing or having a runny nose.

After reading this, you may think, well, I have none of those symptoms, so my house must be fine. That may be so, but does your house smell spring fresh? While you’ve been locked up in your Lansing area home all winter, so have the dust mites, spores, and pollen. When this happens, it can cause the fresh scent to fade away. It happens so gradually though, that you get used to it and may not notice it. How can you tell? Well, you could invite a friend who’s not afraid to tell you the truth. If you believe your Lansing Michigan home has lost that fresh scent you expect, Villa Clean can help you bring it back. Again, a good thorough cleaning can get those odor causing, fresh scent masking germs, mites, and spores out of your home, letting that fresh scent return to your home once again.

Lansing Spring Cleaning 2015

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